IIRIS partners with Amritsar City to provide high technology city-wide surveillance system
Date : August 2, 2016

The Golden Temple in the holy city of Amritsar attracts far higher number of visitors than Taj Mahal anually. The city has its unique challenges in terms of security, density, number of visitors, proximity to the border with Pakistan and enormous diversity. The Amritsar Improvement Trust post its diligent process to find right consulting company to work on the city surveillance project decided to allocate the project to IIRIS for its superior consulting and design capabilities. The project will be implemented by Gujrat based ESEC Security consultants who will be responsible for the supply and installation of cameras.

Cabinet Minister anil joshi
Cabinet minister Anil Joshi (third from right), Police Commissioner Amar Singh Chahal (second from right), Deputy Commissioner Varun Roojam (centre), IIRIS MD Garry Singh (1st from left) and other officials during the inauguration of installation of CCTV cameras in Amritsar on Tuesday. Image Source: tribuneindia.com


The local government body and law enforcement agencies have objectives of the project as making Amritsar crime-free, enhance women safety, increase deterrence to petty crime and create a model futuristic city surveillance project.

Cabinet Minister for the Government of Punjab, Mr. Anil Joshi holding portfolios of Local Bodies, Medical Education & Research inaugurated the project. Top government officials and citizens of the city attended the inauguration. A large number of women citizens of the city attended the event to learn how the system will help them in times to come.

IIRIS Consulting has made efforts to design the system with the following USPs:

  • Future proofing: The system is open platform, flexible and scalable to add new cameras and technology in times to come.
  • Global best quality equipment: That can weather temperature range of Amritsar that is almost 0 to 50 degree Celsius. The cameras are also temper proof and can take on few hits of a cricket bat before getting damaged.
  • Encryption for security
  • Captive Wi-Fi system leading to multi-utility at no additional or repetitive cost
  • Specialized analytics for the project
  • Decentralized architecture to reduce cost and increase resiliency

In the first phase of the project, 202 cameras would be installed at 40 high priority locations of the city. Amritsar attracts more visitors than the Taj Mahal annually, therefore it becomes imperative to have the city under CCTV surveillance system. This would not only help in curbing the crime, but also in providing evidence against the criminal elements, which would lead to their conviction during trials in the court.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Anil Joshi said, “the safety of millions of tourists coming to the city of the Golden Temple and the residents of holy city, especially women, was of primary concern.”

The project, spanning across 6 months is planned to be completed in a phased manner. In the first phase, state-of-the-art CCTV cameras would be installed near critical areas such as the Golden Temple, the Durgiana Temple, the Jallianwala Bagh besides various other parts of the Amritsar north constituency, including the Civil Lines area. The cameras would also be installed outside schools, colleges, and other busy public areas.

You can read more details about Amritsar City Surveillance Project here.