IIRIS Verified Offerings

IIRIS Verified is a risk based assurance check service by IIRIS that seeks to provide clients with risk screening and background verification support pertaining to various parameters concerning their business. Be it employees, 3rd party associates, customers or individuals, with IIRIS Verified, we seek to adopt the “Step into Client shoes” approach and help pre-empt the applicable risks with due compliance with the local laws of the land.

IIRIS Verified Services


A. For Corporate Users


   Employee Screening

  • On Boarding (Level Based)
  • Senior Management – Critical Hire Checks
  • Middle Management
  • Entry Level Screening
  • Monitoring
  • Exit and Post Exit

   Third Party Association Screening

  • Know your Customer/Claimant
  • Know your Business Associate
  • Know your Distributor
  • Know your Debtor/Creditor
  • Know your Vendor

   Insurance Claim Mapping

  • Checking for Veracity of Claims
  • Risk Mapping & Trend Analysis

   Mystery Shopper Program

  • Consumer Centre Screening
  • Marketing Overview Screening
  • Representation & Warranties Screening


B. For Individual Users


  • Document Veracity Screening
  • Security Guard Screening
  • Domestic Help Screening
  • Chauffeur Screening
  • Tenant Screening

IIRIS Verified believes in customising its services for clients in the best manner possible. If there is any service that you seek and is not included in the above list, please write to us at contactus@iirisconsulting.com and we shall revert back to you as soon as possible.

For a more detailed insight into IIRIS Verified service offerings, please visit www.iirisverified.com