Episode 6: Social Unrest its Business Impact | India Risk Report

Published on Dec 7, 2016

India’s demographic time bomb belies expectations from the administration for improved social well-being. This includes access to more jobs, efficient living standards, and improved recourse to grievance redressal. In the past few years, various instances of unrest, be it arising from communal, labor or social problems have plagued different parts of the country. These carry heavy economic costs and tremendously hurt the image of Brand India. As a part of our continuing discussion on matters of security and its implications for our corporate bodies, India Risk Report hosted by Maroof Raza, presents the issues which the economic outlook faces, and provides inputs from experts on what is the way forward.


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Episode 5: Demonetization & the Indian Economy | India Risk Report

Published on Nov 30, 2016

The recent demonetization drive has affected several sections of our economy. From lost man-hours due to long bank/ATM queues, lack of liquidity in the marketplace and overall disruption to the unorganized sector.

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Security expert Maroof Raza in this episode asks leading industry veterans for their thoughts on the process and how the economy and the currency market is likely to respond to this challenge. What is the way forward and what are the counterfeiting issues which are likely to be encountered?

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Episode 4: India Pakistan Tensions - Economic Risks | India Risk Report

Published on Nov 21, 2016

There have been at least 16 ceasefire violations since 3 November 2016 along the line of control and the international border between India and Pakistan.

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While the economic ramifications of the latest skirmishes have been dismissed by the Indian finance minister, there exists underlying concerns over the continued violence. With the volatility index increasing over 30% during periods of the escalation, the economy is likely to be a casualty.

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Episode 3: Air Pollution in India- Corporate Impact

Published on Nov 15, 2016

It is believed that in India, two million people died of air pollution in 2015. India also has the highest rate of death caused by chronic respiratory diseases anywhere in the world.

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Considering the recent smog in Delhi, many companies are providing masks, installing air purifiers in offices and are even asking employees to stay indoors and work from home. Maroof Raza asks eminent environmentalist Dr. Chandra Bhushan, what the risks of air pollution are for the country’s population and its associated corporate risks.

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Episode 2: Cyber Security Risks - India Risk Report

Published on Nov 6, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 described the onslaught of a global bloodless war in the digital sphere, and reiterated India’s lead role in combatting it.

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India does have a pivotal role to play as it ranks among the top five countries vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Corporate India has reportedly spent 25% more on their cyber-security budgets in 2015. Maroof Raza discusses the Indian digital shield, and how the country’s Information Technology systems can be better protected.

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Episode 1: Supply Chain Management - India Risk Report

Published on Oct 31, 2016

Studies reveal that supply chain logistics can be responsible for up to 80% of a company's savings.

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With advances in supply chain management, there have also been concerns of the associated risks which afflict it. Join our security expert Maroof Raza as he discusses these concerns with several industry experts.

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