IIRIS, a boutique risk management company, takes pride in helping with customize solutions depending on the needs of its clients. The advisors assess the client need in terms of bottom line value to help provide innovative and effective solutions for various business lines.
IIRIS, operating under its core brand names of IntelliRisk and IntelliSense provides comprehensive intelligence, investigation, security & risk management programs. The varied service line offerings under the core brand names, helps provide the customers with a holistic and robust risk mitigation options.
  • De Risking Strategy Management & Advisory
  • Security Management & Protective Services
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Insider Threat Management
  • Information Security Advisory
  • Compliance Frameworks and Audits
  • Resiliency & System Testing Services
  • Managed InfoSec Services & Audits
  • Security Design of campus, complexes, buildings and sites
  • City Surveillance and Security Integration
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Infrastructure planning and project management
  • Security planning and equipment placement
  • Command Centre Design
  • White Collar Investigations & Evidence Mapping
  • Investment & Loan Protection Management
  • Due Diligence & Risk Assurance Checks
  • Professional Interviewing & Behavorial Matrix Evaluation
  • Market Research & Targeted Investigations
  • Supply Chain Audit
  • Enforcement & Litigation Support
  • Anti Piracy & Theatre Protection
  • Critical Hire Check
  • Critical Exit Check
  • Risk Assured Employment Verification (Corporate & Single)
  • Insurance Claim Mapping
  • Mystery Checks
  • Digital & Gadget Forensics
  • Surveillance and Counter Measures
  • Accounting Forensics
  • Fire Forensics
  • Biometric Forensics
IntelliRisk seeks to offer services that uses the unique build-operate-transfer (B-O-T) methodology to customise solutions for the clients. Our consultants are known for their ability to assess strategic & operational risks with proportional weightage to design the most effective solution for their clients, encompassing human factors, technological innovations & efficient processes.
IntelliSense specializes in providing its global clients with solutions pertaining to information and intelligence management at strategic and operational levels. From advisory consulting across domains to specialized investigations, all assessments are conducted with an aim to provide critical intelligence to prevent adverse situations or optimize risk solutions.