The key focus areas of IIRIS are delivered through two dedicated business lines of IntelliRisk(IR) and IntelliSense(IS).

Our logo tries to capture two such related yet diverse concepts that have come together to weave innovative solutions and value enhancing propositions for clients.

the eye

The service line of IntelliRisk is depicted through the “Eye” – that stands for the unwavering focus and sharp vigilance skills required for security management, protection services and risk advisory as a whole. It also seeks to hint at the core essence sought to be imparted by us during our numerous corporate trainings that half the job is done, if one truly is focussed and observant to pick up key signals that can save the day.

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the petal

The service line of IntelliSense is depicted through the “Petal” and seeks its inspiration from the Blue Iris, the flower of Intelligence/ Wisdom. Further, the serenity that is associated with the Blue Iris is also sought to be imbibed in our core values by always standing by integrity, client satisfaction and ensuring that every step taken for intelligence gathering respects the targeted individuals, the organizations and the law of the land.

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Together they form IIRIS – that seeks to offer comprehensive intelligence, investigation, security and risk management programs and act as “Value Catalysts” for its clients.

“The first letter “I” stands for “Indus”, for no matter how we are spread out globally and how many more countries we take our journey to, we never want to forget our roots and where we belong.”

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