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IIRIS, Board of advisors, Maroof Raza's authored article for ET Now "If we want peace, then understand war first"
Maroof Raza Maroof Raza 28 February 2019

What do you think would be coming next coming from the Indian Government? The Pakistani PM has given his stance. 

We have to be very careful not to play into Pakistan’s plot. Their plot has always been to create tension and then suddenly under the umbrella of nuclear weapons which they feel is the ultimate equaliser vis-à-vis India just insist that we talk. Pakistan tries to win brownie points in the international community by appearing as the responsible state which wants to talk. But they are not addressing the central issue which has bothered India for decades now. Pakistan sheltering, training and giving support to terror groups. 





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Maroof Raza
Written by Maroof Raza
Maroof Raza acts as the Board of Advisor – Strategic Risk and Global Geo Political Expert with IIRIS Pvt. Ltd.