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IIRIS Welcomes Col. Kavil Mohan on the Board of Advisors
18 October 2019

We are immensely pleased to have Col. Kavil Mohan on the Board of Advisors.

Col. Kavil Mohan, a retired Army Special Forces veteran with 28 years of experience at both national and international levels, including six years in the upper echelon of the United Nations. He has worked across various global locations- He was the security head for Accenture and the global head for security for WIPRO. He is a visionary with a practical outlook of proceedings. During his service, he handled an array of responsibilities involving strategic planning, program implementation, security management, operational logistics planning, business continuity.


He has experience in Geo-Strategy and South Asian conflict analysis. His experience also includes working with the civil administration at the national level and with international and diplomatic staff at the global level.


During his military service, he was decorated four times for gallantry, distinguished service, exemplary leadership and dedication to the organization. This included the country’s third-highest gallantry award Vir Chakra and he was also awarded the highest even civil award presented by Govt of Afghanistan to a Foreigner.