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Indus IntelliRisk IntelliSense Services Pvt. Ltd. (IIRIS) is proud to present ‘India Risk Report with Maroof Raza’.

The web-series is aimed at highlighting key Corporate Risk Management issues, which focuses on mitigating possible losses arising from those major and lesser talked about threats in the Indian market. Hosted by Mr. Maroof Raza, a well-known security affairs expert, this weekly show will have inputs from industry leaders as guests, who will identify, assess, and articulate how corporate entities can improve their successes in India.

High rise building and their safety risks
Guest: Pankaj Dharkar and Prof. Virendra Paul

Digital privacy risks in India and it's corporate implications.
Guest: Suman Khaitan, Nirupam Lodha, Vinayak Godse

Human Resource Challenges In Hiring Professionals
Guest: Suchinto Chatterji, Vineet Sehgal

Solutions to School Safety and Security
Guest: Dr. Vikram Singh, Kunal Bhogal and Dr. J.S Rajput

The challenges of corporate governance- Mitigating the risks
Guest: Dr. Harish Krishnaswamy and Sagarika

Road Safety Challenges
Guest: N K Sinha, Nishi Mittal and Sharad Bhargva

Movie piracy and it's risk implications.
Guest: Uday Singh,Rodney Ryder and Sagarika

India’s Foreign Policy Dimensions: Decoding Economic Risks
Guest: Ambassador Gurjit Singh and Dr S P Sharma

Command and control security systems
Guest: Vivek Kumar,Ratnakar Bade and Kunal Bhogal

Safety and security for mass footfall events
Guest: Neeraj Kumar, Col Raj Yadav, Harjinder Singh

Lone Wolf Attacks- Is The Corporate Sector Ready
Guest: Anuj Bhardwaj and Col Shivinder singh(retd.)

Lynching Incidents & Fake News: A Risk Assessment
Guest: Dr Vikram Singh , Rodney Ryder

Smart City project challenges for India
Guest: Sudhir Krishna, Hemant Khanna and Mujeeb ur rehman

Structural Integrity in India: Why are our buildings failing?
Guest: Dr.PSN Rao,Pankaj Dharkar and Prof. Virendra Paul

CCTV Cameras: Are they the end solution?
Guest: Garry Singh,Steve Swain,Robert L Dodge and Saran Baweja

India-Pakistan-China Tensions: Assessing Regional Developments
Guest: Anuj Bhardwaj and Zorawar Daulat Singh

Electoral risks to business operations in India
Guest: Garry Singh and Dr. Vikram Singh

Cyber security and crime for the corporate sector
Guest: Ramachandra Hegde and Anuj bhardwaj

Analyzing Safety and Security of Oil & Natural gas facilities in India. Part 1
Guest: Prof. V K Paul,Shyam Ratan Mehra and Raj Yadav

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016: A Review
Guest: Samir Kumar and Amit Aggarwal

Emergency Response Systems – A Grave Concern?
Guest: Kunal Bhogal and Col. Arun Sindhwani

Private Guarding Firms: Challenges And Opportunities In India
Guest: Major Manjat Ranjain and Lt.General Anil Chait

Population verses Human Resources: The need for skilled India
Guest: Vishal Sharma and Rajiv Kapoor

Corporate Real Estate- Understanding Its Complexities
Guest: Sumeet Anand and Alok Aggrawal

Offshore Disaster Management
Guest: Captain Rajesh deshwal, Captain Kapil dev Bahl(retd.)

Safety and Security of Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions
Guest: Navneet Bali, Garry Singh, Naresh Trehan and VK Paul

Security of Warehouses and Storage Facilities
Guest: Kunal Bhogal and Ratnakar Bade

Fire Safety and Security in India
Guest: SK Dheri, Professor V.K Paul and DK Shami

Safety and Security of Educational Institutions
Guest: Ameeta Wattal,Garry Singh and Mrs. Gurmeet kaur

Analyzing Safety and Security of Oil & Natural gas facilities in India Part-2
Guest: Nk bansal and Shyam Ratan Mehra

Season 1- Episode 1: Supply Chain Management
Guest: Dr. Sudhir Krishna, Surath Mukherjee and Rajesh Sekhawat

Season 1- Episode 5: Demonetization & the Indian Economy | India Risk Report
Guest: Dr. Mohan Guruswamy, Dr. Rajiv Kumar and Capt. Shakil Ahmed

Season 1- Episode 6: Social Unrest its Business Impact | India Risk Report
Guest: Col. Raj Yadav, Col. Sougoto Das, Dr Vikram Singh and Pavan Kumar

India Risk Report - Web Show on Corporate Risk Management by IIRIS Consulting
Guest: Maroof Raza

India Risk Report - Weekly Show on Corporate Risk Management by IIRIS
Guest: Maroof Raza

Season 1- Episode 4: India Pakistan Tensions - Economic Risks | India Risk Report
Guest: Garry Singh, Barry Wilkins,Rony Yu and Rahul Bhandari