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Problem: too many roads, and too many cars
Garry Singh Garry Singh 08 July 2017


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“Earlier this year, three of the Indian cities (Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata) featured in the list of Top 10 cities with the worst traffic conditions in the world (as per a list put together by Numbeo),” said Garry Singh, managing director of risk consulting and intelligence advisory firm IIRIS Pvt. Ltd.

Traffic congestion costs time and money. “Delay in traffic attracts four major costs-safety, death, delay and cost of doing business. Each of these segments, in turn, have a direct economic impact. As per the last study conducted by the Transport Corporation of India and IIM Calcutta (2012), India stands to lose almost Rs.60,000 crore a year due to traffic delays (including fuel wastage) on high-volume highways,” said Singh.

Garry Singh
Written by Garry Singh
Garry is the President at IIRIS Consulting Pvt.Ltd.