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Security Advisory for Expats By IIRIS Consulting
01 March 2019

Security Advisory for Expats

In light of the recent military tensions between India and Pakistan, and the often cited concern of terrorism from Pakistan based groups, IIRIS was contacted by several multi-national companies for an advisory for their expatriate personnel.

IIRIS Advisory Board members Maroof Raza, an eminent security expert, and Dr. Vikram Singh (Former Director-General of Police, Uttar Pradesh), shared their inputs. According to Maroof Raza, everyone should remain vigilant to suspicious activities and behaviour as a basic security feature, and not to rely on rumours or inputs outside official channels. Dr. Vikram Singh also underlined that while the situation is gradually being de-escalated, there is a need to continue maintaining good social media practices and remain diligent to one’s surroundings. 


IIRIS risk management experts recommend the following for all expats in the country:

-       The risk of terrorism is a credible risk across India, despite a significant decline in associated events in major cities. Remain vigilant to your surroundings against suspicious behaviour and objects. Report any anomaly to the authorities.

-       Register with your embassy and inform them of inter-city travel. Particularly register if travelling to known conflict zones such as areas impacted by left wing violence, and separatist movements in the Kashmir valley and the north-eastern states. Also keep your family members and colleagues informed of your whereabouts

-       It is recommended to avoid all travel within 10 km of the Pakistan border, except for the Wagah border. Defer non-essential travel to Kashmir, except for Jammu, Leh and Ladakh.

-       Do not engage in political and religious discussions with strangers; especially in public areas.

-       Do not offer opinions on the ongoing hostilities as this can lead to a surcharged atmosphere.

-       Avoid all demonstrations and mass gatherings as a basic precaution.

-       Use social media responsibly. Do not rely on rumours circulating on social media. Rely only on official alerts issued by the government.

-       Do not take or share visuals of any security incident, movement of armed forces personnel and equipment

-       Minimise time spent in the vicinity of government buildings and military installations

-       Subscribe to daily intelligence briefs from a reputed risk management firm.

-       Where feasible travel via air. Avoid rail travel between cities.

-       Prepare contingency plans for evacuation. Plan routes to nearest and alternate airports in the location where based.