IntelliRisk specializes in designing modern day innovative solutions to manage strategic and operational risk for businesses. It’s unique offering of the Build- Operate- Transfer (B-O-T) model helps verify proof of concept and provide outsourcing services, thereby helping easy and effective implementation of the mitigations strategies.

Our consultants are known for their ability to assess strategic & operational risks with proportional weightage to design the most effective solution for their clients, encompassing human factors, technological innovations & efficient processes.
De Risking Strategy
Management & Advisory
Security Management & Protective Services
Insider Threat
Business Continuity Planning
A Customized risk &
safety alerting system
Some of the services designed under the IntelliRisk eco system are:
IIRIS Design

IIRIS design refers to a tailor-made service for projects that focuses on immediate security risks to the facility and solutions and helps them mitigate the same by deploying highly scalable technological solution as well as expert skillsets to mitigate those risks.

  • Security Design of campus, complexes, buildings, and sites
  • City Surveillance and Security Integration
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Infrastructure planning and project management
  • Security planning and equipment placement
  • Command Centre Design
IIRIS Digital

Our passionate team with strong expertise in security, resilience, governance and compliance helps organizations to achieve the goal of protecting and securing their confidential as well as market sensitive data.

  • Information Security Advisory
  • Compliance Frameworks and Audits
  • Resiliency & System Testing Services
  • Managed InfoSec Services & Audits
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