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Medical Emergencies

Under this, we provide medical assistance i.e., arranging of Ambulance, Hospitalisation support, Arranging Bed for covid, RT PCR & Antigen test, etc

Safety and Security

Here we serve assistance with coordination with police and bolstering client safety.

Law Enforcement Coordination

We assist our clients by coordinating with law enforcement on their behalf on security matters which may impact their operations or business continuity.

Whistle Blower

We provide a helpline number here employees of our clients can report issues an opportunity to employees to report to the management instances of unethical behaviour, actual or suspected, fraud or violation of the company's code of conduct.

POSH Complaints

We assist the caller with the steps to be taken to file a complaint pertaining to sexual harassment. Any doubts or clarification regarding the process are addressed by our executives.

EQ Helplines

This is a service where we connect the caller with a prominent counselling psychologist who address issues pertaining to mental health like stress and anxiety. We have a panel of counsellors who are available 24*7.

COVID Assistance

Riscline provides various services under the category:

  • Arranging for the tests to detect COVID
  • Arranging for COIVD beds in hospital PAN India of any category namely ICU, arranging oxygen for home use, ICU/Bed setup at home
  • Vaccination support wherein we connect with various hospitals and arrange for vaccination slot for customers.