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Welcome to IIRIS Nigeria

Your Trusted Partner with new age solutions

Situated in Lagos, IIRIS Nigeria specializes in cutting-edge risk advisory and intelligence management solutions. Our mission is clear: to equip organisations with the discernment necessary to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

Supported by seasoned professionals spanning security, law enforcement, legal, and project management, our services extend across Nigeria, Africa, and beyond.

We're committed to revolutionizing risk consultancy through innovative digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, tailored to the distinct needs of Nigerian enterprises. Beyond our corporate pursuits, we're steadfast in nurturing Nigeria's future leaders through strategic partnerships with educational institutions.

Our Services

Brand Protection

We address corporations' growing concerns regarding proprietary assets through market research, targeted investigations, supply chain audits, enforcement support, and anti-piracy and threat protection measures.


Due Diligence

Our due diligence checks are tailored to meet varying intelligence needs, providing clients with essential insights for informed business decisions and litigation support.


Expert Witness & Testimony

Backed by certified experts, our team offers expert opinions and advisory services, along with specialized training on a range of topics.


Loan Portfolio Management

We assist clients in the BFSI sector with pre-disbursement checks, loan monitoring solutions, bad loan portfolio evaluation, forensic audits, expert court witness services, and more.


Training & Advisory

Our expert-led training sessions cover due diligence, risk identification, employee checks, workplace behavior, and other areas to enhance employee welfare and professional conduct.



We provide comprehensive risk screening and background verification support, including social media profiling, education verification, litigation checks, and more.


Accounting Forensics

Our services include analyzing financial documents to verify compliance with existing rules and identifying any defects or irregularities.


Digital Forensics

We employ advanced techniques to map, recover, and analyze digital data, facilitating informed decision-making backed by evidence.


Insurance Audit

Our certified auditors conduct specialized audits of insurance policies, procedures, and financial records to ensure compliance and risk mitigation.


Litigation Support

We offer critical intelligence and evidence-based findings to support clients at pre-trial and ongoing trial stages, gathered using approved legal methodologies.