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Due Diligence

Due Diligence checks at IIRIS are spread across different levels, keeping in mind the extent of the intelligence needed. Such exercises are usually the first and stepping stone to understand the need for targeted intelligence and evidence mapping, that would help clients in business decision making or litigation support. IIRIS helps design such customised solutions that enable the Clients to be in a better and informed state with regard to business and strategic leverages.


Brand Protection

This step is to resolve and address the growing concern amidst corporations pertaining to their proprietary assets. Armed with experienced investigations and technology equipment. Key service offering:

  • Market research & targeted investigations |
  • Supply Chain Audit |
  • Enforcement & Litigation Support |
  • Anti-Privacy & threat Protection

Loan Portfolio

IIRIS undertakes for various service lines that help service client s in the BFSI sector across various phases of the loan life cycle. These include pre disbursement checks, loan monitoring solutions (digital and intelligence based), renewal request diligence, loan utilisation audits, bad loan portfolio evaluation, asset tracing, borrower tracing, forensic audits, expert court witness, law enforcement coordination – to name a few.


Expert Witness & Testimony

Backed by a group of certified experts, team IIRIS can provide for expert opinions that are admissible and accredited by different judicial, regulatory and governing bodies. Further, such experts can also provide for advisory and training on a host of specialised topics for Clients.


Training & Advisory

IIRIS conducts various trainings for client staff on topics of due diligence, risk identification, employee checks, soft skills, workplace behaviour and codes and other areas involving employee welfare and professional conduct. Such trainings are led by experts who have the key skill sets / certifications to facilitate sessions in both online and offline settings.



This covers seeks to provide clients with risk screening and background verification support pertaining to various parameters concerning their business. Key verification checks:

  • Social media Profiling |
  • Education Verification |
  • Regularly & Litigation Checks |
  • Credit Score Mapping |
  • Business Interest Mapping |
  • Reference Checks |
  • ID Verification |
  • Address Verification

Accounting Forensics

This designation covers available ledgers and other relevant financial documents in order to verify any defects with existing rules, law and practices in force for the client. Moreover, as one of the usual areas, the analysis also includes the identification of the main individuals and the relevant parties and ascertaining the validity of the project from whom they are concerned with the relevant aspects of money laundering.


Digital Forensics

This covers the appointment of any official instruments issued to the individual by the client. It seeks to map data into an existing image, delete it, corrupt it, and recover it through the use of advanced keywords and manual keyword methodology. Comprehensive analysis of such data helps identify the claims that exist when it comes into contact with the people, facilitating the process of making informed decisions backed by evidence.


Insurance Audit

Specialised insurance audits at IIRIS at lead by certified auditors who are experienced at examining policy, liability procedures, risk valuation, tax documents, and various other financial records of insurance.


Litigation Support

IIRIS provides for support at the pre trail and ongoing trail stage, by providing for critical intelligence and evidence backed findings, that are legally admissible and gathered using approved legal methodologies.