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Anchall Saxena | +91 92054 73408
Email: anchall.saxena@iirisconsulting.com
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Event FAQ

1. What will be the format of the event?

  • This is a technology and solution showcase event, where in participants will be given a set time window to show case their solutions around common and most prevailing industry problems in front of a curated audience.
  • There are essentially two parts to the event – a live interactive presentation (not a PPT presentation) – but a short focused showcase of the most problems their solution is solving (on the stage)
  • Part 2- post presentations, the participants should invite interested guests at their booths to showcase the solutions live. They will be using their own audio-visual aids to complement their showcase at their booth.
  • Between the presentations, there will be short talks / lectures by eminent industrial personalities and leaders.
  • The event will essentially be attended by CSOs, CXOs, End users, Project heads, promoters and decision makers.

2. Is the event invitation only?

Yes. This is a limited audience, invite only event, and it is requested for the guest / attendee to pre-register. This event is NOT for systems integrators but for end customers and decision makers ONLY. Entry would be based on latest invite sent to the registered persons.

3. How many people per organization can be accommodated?

Since this is a limited audience event, a maximum of 2-3 persons per organization can be accommodated.

4. Does one have to stay throughout the course of the event?

No. Not necessarily. You may choose to attend the entire event and go through all sessions, or you may choose individual sessions and only attend those as per your interest.

5. Is there any presentation time?

Every product presentation showcase will be about 20-25mins.

6. Will there be opportunity to meet presenters and participants?

Yes, this is a collaborative event; you may meet / exchange notes directly with the presenters.

7. Will there be refreshments?

Yes, refreshments will be available throughout the event in the form of running snacks and beverages.

8. What is the reporting time?

The registration opens 9:30 AM. The opening keynote starts 10:00 AM.

9. What is the dress code for event?

Formals or Smart Office Casuals.

10. Will there be a registration and participation acknowledgement?

Yes, there will be a online registration form, and someone from our team will acknowledge your participation through a return email.

11. How do I enter the event? What credentials do I show?

Our registration counter opens 9:30 AM. All you need is to show the latest acknowledgement email.